Must Haves For Your Summer Road Trip

Road Trip

Make Sure You Are Ready For Anything With These Road Trip Must Haves.

Summer is a great time to take a road trip, whether by yourself or with loved ones. These little adventures are a lot of fun and can be fun to plan for. Before you head out, you want to make sure you have everything covered and packed to be sure your trip is fun, safe and that you are ready for anything. At West Side Tire & Automotive, we have compiled a short list of important items that many people forget when packing for their trip.

Summer Road Trip Essentials

Destination Information:  If you have a set destination, make sure you have both your GPS programmed and print out directions as well. While this may seem redundant, In some more rural areas, your cell phone or GPS may lose signal so your printout is your back up. Always make sure your accommodation information is on hand too! If your trip is a bit more relaxed in planning, keep your GPS or cell phone charged in case you need to find accommodation or a route.

Snacks: There is nothing worse than getting on the road and then getting a bit hungry. Finding convenience stores can be difficult at times and you can find yourself passing exits with nothing nearby. Pack snacks you like and that will keep, like jerky, trail mix, dried fruit and more. It is also crucial to pack water as hydration is very important during these months.

Entertainment: After a few hours, the excitement of the trip can wane after staring at the long and open highway. If you have a group on the road trip, plan some games and entertainment to keep everyone’s spirits up! Consider trivia games and group visual games. Make a playlist to set the mood of your road trip and have everyone sing along. If your trip is two people or less, you can also keep entertained through podcasts, audiobooks, and even magazines.

Emergency Kits: There are two kinds of emergency kits you will need to ensure your trip is safe. First aid is crucial in the event someone is injured. Make sure you have band-aids, alcohol wipes, pain reliever, and any medicine you may need on this trip If you do not have an available box to store them in, place them in a baggie. The next kit you will need will be your road emergency kit. You can buy a pre-prepared one at your local auto store which comes with road signs, gloves, jumper cables and more.

Before you head out for your summer road trip, getting your car inspected and maintenanced can ensure your car is ready for anything as well! West Side Tire & Automotive is always available to offer you professional repair and service for your car in Jersey City, NJ. Call 201-433-5123 today to schedule your pre-road trip service!