What To Expect During Your Vehicle Inspection

Every state requires regular vehicle inspection to ensure that it’s safe to drive and isn’t polluting the air with use. While each state has differing details, most general processes and requirements are the same throughout the country.

We Will Perform Your Inspection Conveniently and Professionally.

Vehicle Inspections Promote Safe, Healthy Vehicles on the Road.

What to Bring

When you get ready to have your vehicle inspection completed, the mechanic will need to verify your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. This is so that the state can confirm that you are driving legally and maintaining financial responsibility.

What Will be Checked

During your vehicle inspection, each of your key systems will be evaluated. A mechanic will check your outer safety equipment including lights, blinkers, wipers, and horn. You will also have your car’s system components checked. The mechanic will address yo9ur exhaust system, test and examine your tires and brakes, check your steering and suspension, and check your fluids, belts, and hoses.

Fees, Follow-Ups, and Extras

The fee for vehicle inspection is $39.75 which includes both inspection and registration fees. If your vehicle doesn’t pass inspection, your mechanic will deliver a report of items that need to be repaired. There is no minimum time limit on inspections, so as soon as your vehicle is repaired, it can be reinspected.

While not always convenient, vehicle inspection is necessary to keep your vehicle legal and out of trouble. When you’re looking for honest, dependable inspection services in Jersey City, NJ, call the West Side Tire & Automotive experts today at 201-433-5123. Our experienced mechanics will guide you through your inspection process for a convenient, hassle-free experience.