Window Regulator Repair

Is your window falling down? Are you having trouble with your power window? West Side Tire and Automotive is happy to help with window regulator repair in Jersey City, NJ. Call 201-433-5123 for more information.

How Does the Window Regulator Work?

window regulator repairHas your power window been acting funny lately? Do you have trouble getting it to go up or down, or is it very noisy when it moves? These problems usually stem from window regulator or window motor failure.

Behind the door panel is the window regulator assembly and window motor. While the motor receives a signal from the switch to move the window up or down, the regulator transfers that power to the glass itself. The window regulator is made of plastic and a metal cable, and it can wear out over time. Once this happens, you might notice the following problems with your window:

  • Falls Down into the Door
  • Moves Up or Down at an Angle
  • Noisy Operation
  • Will Not Go Up or Down

Sometimes it is best to replace both the window regulator and the window motor. Our mechanics are skilled at power window repair and can get your window working like new again. It can be dangerous to have a damaged window regulator, as your window could fall down at any time. This could expose your vehicle and belongings to theft, rain, snow, or other problems. Get your power window repaired today at West Side Tire and Automotive!

We’re Here for all Your Auto Repair Needs!

Don’t worry if you need power window repair. Our skilled mechanics can quickly and professionally repair your window regulator assembly and get it working like new again. If your car is several years old, this might happen. To prevent serious problems from developing, it’s best to bring your car in for routine maintenance services. We make a comprehensive inspection and identify any potential problems.

At West Side Tire and Automotive, you can count on quality results and superior service. Call 201-433-5123 for window regulator repair in Jersey City, NJ today!