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When you want trusted, ASE-certified mechanics working on your car, come to West Side Tire and Automotive. At our auto repair shop, you can always count on friendly service, quality repairs, and fair prices. We are fully committed to our customers’ satisfaction and work hard to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We know that no one likes dealing with car repairs, so let us make the day a little easier! Visit us in Jersey City, NJ or call 201-433-5123 to schedule an appointment.

Our Auto Repair Services

As a full service, AAA certified auto shop in Jersey City, West Side Tire and Automotive is your one stop shop for car repair. Visit us today if you need any of the following services, and more!

  • Brake Service Driving with worn or damaged brakes is a serious accident waiting to happen. Visit our brake shop today for a brake system inspection and repairs.
  • Car Maintenance It’s important to maintain your vehicle through manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules. Not only will you catch problems early, but you can extend the life of your vehicle and improve your fuel economy.
  • Check Engine Light Repair When your check engine light comes on, it’s not always obvious what the problem is. Our skilled mechanics will assess your vehicle with new OBD II computer diagnostics to pinpoint the problem.
  • Fleet Services When you need reliable and affordable fleet services in Jersey City, look no further than West Side Tire and Automotive. From standard maintenance to serious repairs, we will help keep your fleet in top shape.
  • Road Force Balance If you suspect that you have a tire out of round, our Road Force Balance service will get your wheels balanced to perfection. Come in today and see how to get the smoothest ride possible.
  • State Inspection When your inspection sticker expires, come by our shop for fast state inspections and emissions testing. If there are any problems, we can get them fixed quickly so you can pass inspection.
  • Suspension Repair If you’re experiencing a bumpy ride, have uneven tire tread, or hear unusual knocking noises, you may need suspension repair. Come in today before you end up with extensive damage!
  • Tire Repair When you need tire services in Jersey City, look no further than West Side Tire and Automotive. From rotations to repairs, we’re your tire experts!
  • Transmission Repair Transmission repair and rebuilds are among the most expensive car repairs, and we always offer fair prices at West Side. We will thoroughly inspect your transmission to determine the best option for you.
  • Wheel Alignment Have you noticed your tire tread wearing on only one side or your steering wheel pulling to the side? These signs often indicate the need for a wheel alignment.

Need something else that you don’t see here? No worries! Check out our full list of auto repair services or call us today at 201-433-5123 for help! We look forward to serving you.

What is Road Force Balance?

Road force balancers, sometimes called wheel balancing, helps give your car a smooth ride. We load the tire onto the machine, which applied pressure to simulate your vehicle’s weight on it while driving. The computer and sensors then take measurements and readings to determine if the tire is receiving more pressure on certain spots. We also measure the wheel to match the high spot on your tire.This complex process can help your car get a smoother ride. If your car has no discernible suspension or tire problems but is shaking or wobbling, then it’s possible that your tires are out of round. You may also have a bent wheel that needs repair. Through the road force balance process, we can pinpoint the problem area and make the necessary repairs. Driving while out of balance is not only annoying, but it can lead to problems with your suspension system and tires.

If you think you need wheel balancing or other services in Jersey City, NJ, call West Side Tire and Automotive at 201-433-5123.

Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics

Experiencing little problems with your car? Not sure what’s wrong with your vehicle? Is your check engine light on? Visit West Side Tire and Automotive for comprehensive computer diagnostics in Jersey City, NJ. Using new on board diagnostic (OBD) II systems, we can run a test on your vehicle’s internal computer to locate the probable issues.

Sometimes a check engine light or other problem is a simple fix, such as cleaning a sensor or replacing a hose. However, the OBD II diagnostic can also detect serious internal problems. If you have a bad alternator or have a damaged catalytic converter, for example, we can detect the problems with the computer diagnostics test. This saves time and money on your repairs thanks to the fast, simple process! A diagnostic may return with multiple potential problems, and you can rest assured that our skilled mechanics will inspect every possible problem to ensure your safety.

If you need us to run a diagnostic on your vehicle, come by our auto shop in Jersey City, NJ today or call 201-433-5123!

Auto Maintenance

Auto Maintenance Services

When it’s time for your next service, visit West Side Tire and Automotive. We offer fair prices and fast, quality service so you can get back on the road quickly. Regular auto maintenance helps catch problems early before they develop into more serious issues. Visit us today if you need any of the following:

  • Air Filter Change
  • Check Belts and Hoses
  • Check/Replace Fuel Filters
  • Fluid Checks and Refills
  • Oil Change
  • Tire Pressure and Tread Wear
  • Tire Rotation

We follow manufacturer’s guidelines for service and repairs so you get the most out of your vehicle. In addition to keeping you safe, auto maintenance extends the life of your vehicle and gives it better fuel economy. Poorly maintained cars are more likely to need major, costly repairs, and their performance usually suffers.

When you need auto maintenance services in Jersey City, NJ, call West Side Tire and Automotive at 201-433-5123!